Short Films , Songs & Commercials​

In the past 20 years, Oma The AKK has written and directed hundreds of TV programs, Ad Films, Songs, Short Films and more.

MAA - Agar Mano To

Oma The AKK has produced a Docu-Drama, “MAA- Agar Mano To”, about the rising pollution in the Holy Ganga river.

Chicken Dost - Tribute

Chicken Dost is a short film which is dedicated to 3 thoughts. First, a tribute to Lata Mangeshkar as there is..


Direction, in psychology, is the process of guiding and directing the development of an individual, group or organization. Direction is also known as guidance. Direction can refer to guiding a person toward a goal or a desired outcome. "It's important to have a clear vision and mission when leading." In addition to guiding people and groups toward goals, direction can also refer to guiding them through the process of achieving those goals. In the past 20 years, Oma The AKK has written and directed hundreds of TV programs.

PHIR GANDHI is a short  film by AKK STUDIOS conveys that Thought Never Dies. Gandhi is inside every Indian. Film conveys messages for each and every citizen of India about Cleanliness (Swachchhata abhiyan), Anti Addiction and to shoulder all the responsibilities..

‘Saare Jahaan se achcha’ is a story that explains this dualism where a school student from a respectable family gets inspired by the national song, and starts his search for  ‘Hindustan’. He hears in the song that even heaven is jealous of the beauty of ‘Hind’, but..

LATA – Voice Of India A SHORT FILM BY SWAMI OMA THE AKK BANARAS BEING SHOOTED As A Tribute To pay Last Respect to Legendary Singer and Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar by Swami Oma The AKK from Banaras (Varanasi or Kashi) VOICE…

Songs & Videos

‘Ganga Desh Ki JeevanDhara Hai’ is an award-winning song that was written and directed by Swami Oma The AKK in an effort to spread awareness about Ganga pollution on a global scale

Mere Banaras – Girija Devi is A Short Film by Swami Oma The AKK. This short film is a tribute to legendary classical singer Girija Devi.