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  • कहते हैं भक्त की इच्छाओं की पूर्ति के साथ शत्रुओं से रक्षा भी करता हैं मां बगलामुखी की चालीसा का पाठ, baglamukhi chalisa lyrics in hindi maa baglamukhi chalisa in hindi..

  • Modern Vedic Astrology: A Study in the Power of the Vedas What is Modern Vedic Astrology? Modern Vedic astrology is a unique system of study and practice, which aims to revive the art and science of vedic astrology as it was practiced in ancient India, before the onset of modern

  • Foundation For Spiritual Development Stages: A Process of Awakening What is spiritual development? The spiritual development is a process of Spiritual Awakening. It is a journey of opening our hearts and minds to something greater than ourselves. It is a process of letting go of what we think we know

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      Our main aim is to provide “co-operation upon co-operation” and “benefit upon benefit“. We want to see each of the associated members prosperous and enjoying peace. Hence, we are duty bound to their mental, social and economic upliftment.

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